Stranger Tides

Session Two

The Swallowing Earth (Part I)

Northern Tal'Dorei, Near the Cliffkeep Mountains

3rd of Horisal (Evening)

Sitting outside of the the barrow, T and Teyla make their camp. T performs an incantation to help alert them to intruders during the night, praying to the Wildmother for protection. The two bed down for the night close together for warmth and sleep after their ordeal beneath the hill.

4th of Horisal

The two travel north through the thick forest in comfortable relative silence, speaking only when they feel the need. That night, Teyla finds a spring by which they camp and she also forages for some herbs to make tea. Once again they make camp and T performs another incantation to the Wildmother. The night passes peacefully.

5th of Horisal

As the newfound friends travel through the forest, Teyla learns that T left Wildwood some two or three years ago.

6th of Horisal

At the end of this day, the two camp at the edge of the forest before entering the mountain passes toward the east to Terrah. 

7th of Horisal

As they travel through the mountain trails, T and Teyla observe large winged creatures flying overhead from peak to peak. Small creatures surrounded in clouds of dust jump from cliff to cliff.  Landslides disturb the cliffsides and small tremors disturb the entire scene. The two friends camp beneath a thick outcropping that evening. 

8th of Horisal

In the course of travel, T reveals that they have never been to Terrah—they say that "the Ashari like their privacy."

9th of Horisal

As the two friends continue to travel through the mountains, the tremors seem to be increasing, as well as the landslides. Fortunately, all of the landslides are far away from them and do not pose a danger. 

10th of Horisal

As the two continue walking through the mountain trails, one of the small clouds of dust appears before them and reveals themselves to be a dust mephit, a small, evil elemental creature of earth. It attacks the two and, while T does not make a very good showing in the fight, Teyla manages to defeat it handily by summoning a spiky vine to whip against it and tear it apart. It explodes in a massive cloud of dust that temporarily blinds T. 

As they enter the next valley, they can feel faint tremors in the earth, as they have over the past days of travel through the mountains. Looking to the north, they see a large earth elemental lumbering over a pass and passing into a fissure in the mountainside. They’ve seen dust mephits blowing across the mountain and hilltops as well. Frequent landslides tumble down the slopes.

As they walk towards where they believe the village to lie, a sudden shift takes Teyla off her feet. T reaches over and helps catch her. As the two of them right themselves, they see two large warriors, one male, one female, approach them quickly along the central trail. They both wear broad necklaces of precious metals and blue stones over what appears to be half-plate armor made of granite. They also carry large mauls made of the same stone.

The two engage with the Ashari Stoneguards, explaining that they are looking for Farington Tal. The Stoneguards are persuaded to take the two into the village to see "Master Tal." As they walk through the village paths, Teyla notices the large trenches dug around the village to guard it against landslides. They are taken to a larger hall in the center of the village where they see Farington's pony picketed out front. The male guard leads the two inside where they see Farington sitting in front of a hearth with a thin elderly Ashari with many tattoos lining his arms and neck. 

The gnome merchant welcomes Teyla and is clearly amazed to see her there. She introduces T and Farington introduces them both to Pa'tice, the Headmaster of the Earth Ashari, also known as the Heart of the Mountain. 

As Teyla begins to explain to Farington why she has come, the entire village is rocked by a massive tremor followed by a bloodcurdling scream from outside the hall. Teyla, T, Farington, and Pa'tice all head outside after recovering from the shaking to see what's happened. 

A narrow fissure has opened up in the center of the village. A young woman is sobbing nearby calling out to a "Tramon" who has apparently fallen into it. 

Teyla looks down and produces a ball of flame in her hand so that she can see down into the fissure. In the flickering light, she sees a pair of booted feet being dragged just out of her light by…something.

T immediately shucks their pack and starts unloading rope and pitons. Teyla transforms into a giant wolf spider and begins to descend into the fissure. T, unfortunately, even with the aid of the rope, falls into the fissure, turning their ankle a bit on the landing about twelve feet below. 

Once down below, T removes a torch from their pack and lights it. Teyla uses one of her long appendages to tap along the chamber indicating the right-hand side. The two begin cautiously and quietly stalking down the corridor. 



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